For A Better Life Than This

100 Days For a Better Life

Welcome to the ramblings of me. I am losing my eyesight, my ability to cope with worsening chronic pain, and my will to live. Come along on the 100 days I have given myself to see if there is still a charm for me.

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A Story of Redemption

One life, one world.  That is all we have ever had.  And an infinity of lives within each life.  Everything of possibility.  And a world that can be changed by the most ordinary of words.  We cannot control how we were born and how we developed.  There are many things that we will never beContinue reading “A Story of Redemption”

Love in the Darkest Place

When you spend day after day in bed, it becomes harder to find a means of verbal titillation, unless you are interested in the phantasmagoria of the dreams that I am promised each night.  I highly doubt you are.  Alas, those are the only things that do not remain constant.  Half my time asleep, halfContinue reading “Love in the Darkest Place”

Memoirs of the Recently Deposed

And I am still breathing.  Yes, I did what I do best.  I failed.  I can’t even die properly.  There was never really full conviction.  Well I wouldn’t be writing this if there was.  I can’t think anymore.  Everything is such a mess.  Smacked my head against a wall 56 times.  Nothing unspooled.  Wouldn’t youContinue reading “Memoirs of the Recently Deposed”

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